Mission Statement

At the heart of the Gospel is the restoration of relationship between God and us and us and each other.
Restoration Ministries is entirely non-denominational and our Board members are drawn from the Catholic and Presbyterian traditions.

From its base at Restoration House, through a ministry of reconciliation, healing, hospitality and prayer, Restoration Ministries seeks to provide:

  • A place of safety, where people can tell their story and be heard;
  • A place to help people develop a vision;
  • A place where people can feel welcomed and loved.

Jesus’ prayer was that we might be one so that the world would believe. Through networking around the world, but particularly in Ireland, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Restoration Ministries seeks;

  • To be an image of unity in diversity;
  • To be an effective inspiration beyond its size;
  • And to see others develop a ministry of restoration.