The Gaze of Love

By Ruth Patterson

What if God’s gaze of love was upon us before we were born, and remains so throughout our lives? How would we accept and engage with this truth on our spiritual journey? Ruth Patterson examines these pivotal questions by inviting us into a deeper exploration of scriptural passages, from both the Old and New Testaments, and the lives of those who were transformed by the gaze of love.

By understanding our intrinsic value and allowing ourselves to surrender to God’s love, which is without judgement or limitation, we can transform our hearts and minds, as well as those of others.

Written in a heartfelt and engaging style, The Gaze of Love implores us to affirm our relationship with God with open hearts and minds, and to connect with the One who has loved us from the very beginning.

Proclaiming the Promise: Reflections on the God of Love

Cover of "Proclaiming the Promise"

by Ruth Patterson

Proclaiming the Promise: Reflections on the God of Love is a book of reflections that have emerged as Ruth has journeyed through specific events, times and seasons, and as she has travelled in her spirit through some of the sacred moments of the cycle of the Christian year.

While these reflections are largely born out of a life shaped by the last forty years or so of Ireland’s story, the underlying themes are universal. It is Ruth’s prayer that the thoughts and images in this book may enable the reader to see beyond the immediate and be seized by hope in the present and for the future.

Year: 2006

Looking Back to Tomorrow: A Spirituality for Between the Times

Cover of "Looking Back to Tomorrow"

By Ruth Patterson

Addressing the current period of flux and change that we find ourselves in, economically, socially and personally, Ruth shows the path to awakening belief, pointing to some of the timeless truths from the storylines of yesterday that can nurture our spirituality in this present in-between time and link us to the tomorrow of that new creation, towards which everything is reaching. In this way Ruth hopes that we can be the bridge ’between the times.

Year: 2009

Journeying Towards Reconciliation: A Song for Ireland

Cover of "Journeying towards Reconciliation"

By Ruth Patterson

At the heart of individual lives, at the heart of communities, nations and continents there exists a brokenness resulting from the violence, abuse, sectarianism and conflict of the past. Often we are lured into a cycle of bitterness, hatred, revenge, suspicion and, ultimately, to despair. Experience and history tell us that the wrongs of the past cannot be wiped out without a trace.

Year: 2003

A Farther Shore

Cover of "A Farther Shore"

By Ruth Patterson

Ruth recounts her personal story as a backdrop to the powerful reflections that she shares in these pages. She gives in-depth glimpse of certain stages of her journey and the accompanying enrichment of a deepening spirituality ‘that has come and continues to come sometimes as a gentle gift and sometimes as a treasure salvaged from the wreckage of battered trust, broken dreams and shattered vision.’

Year: 2000